Brokering industry relations

Brokering industry relations

03 Important Themes

Qualified introductions and matchmaking


Topics addressed

  • Connecting NGI projects to established corporates, investors and other growth enablers through access to networking (participation in targeted matchmaking events)
  • One-on-one assessment sessions with NGI projects in order to better understand their status, maturity and needs
  • Direct introductions to established corporates
  • Trainings:
    • How to pitch to an investor
    • How to approach a corporate, including pitching
    • How to prepare, plan and implement a mutually beneficial collaboration with an established corporate whether being a startup, a corporate or just curious about the potential of co-innovation
    • Start-up funding
    • Design thinking
    • Business development & business planning
    • Business model

Useful material 


Well-established pitching competitions

Topics addressed

  • Facilitation of participation in well-established, high-level pitching competitions
  • Trainings on how to pitch to an investor; how to approach a corporate, including pitchin

Useful material TETRA webinar presentation and recording 

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