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Through our first-line, free-of-charge and market-driven business support online bootcamps, TETRA will accelerate your business or idea based on the exact needs and struggles of your team.

We provide two types of bootcamps:

  • Our online Build-Up Bootcamp is for those looking for an introduction to business modeling canvas, intellectual property rights and public tenders as well as a chance to practice their pitch, boost soft skills, scope market size and be trained on fundraising.
  • We also offer the online Scale-Up Bootcamp, where we'll provide you with everything you need to know about sales, business management, other transversal competences and how to formulate unique selling points. Get individual mentoring and guidance on your business pitch. We will cover crucial topics such as how to write international public tenders, training on advanced intellectual property rights and an introduction to the business model canvas.
And what happens after the online bootcamps?
Participants receive:
  1. Individual Master Plans: with recommendations on how to improve their projects
  2. Individual mentoring: the best projects are followed by professionals with deep experience in innovation, business development and commercialisation from variety of ICT-areas

NGI projects who received individual Master Plans: 15

NGI innovators who received individual mentoring: 6

Bootcamp build-up
The online Build-up Bootcamp is meant for those innovators who have brilliant ideas for turning the internet more resilient, trust-worthy and sustainable, but yet don’t have all the skills to bring that idea to the market.
If you received funding from the NGI initiative with an idea or project below TRL 5, you are eligible to benefit from TETRA Build-up Bootcamps!
Day 1
Value creation

Get ready for speed networking and for the upcoming days ahead! During the first day, you will find out how to package your value proposition and understand your customers, learn about leadership skills and tackle the science of scoping the market size.

Day 2
Value capture

On the second day, we will take a closer look at your business model and help solve your most crucial intellectual property questions. You will also learn to navigate in the world of public tenders. Additionally, get ready to roll up your sleeves and practice pitching your idea to the peers. You are now half-way through the bootcamp.

Day 3
Value delivery

On the final day of the bootcamp, we will dive into fundraising training. You will meet an angel investor who will tell you all about their secrets. By the end of the bootcamp, you will have a chance to put everything you learnt into practice by delivering your final pitch in front of an audience.

Bootcamp scale-up
TETRA online Scale-up Bootcamps are meant for innovators and businesses that wish to accelerate their already established product or service with the aim of making the Internet more resilient, trust-worthy and sustainable by bringing their innovative solution to the market.

At the TETRA Scale-up Bootcamp, innovators are taught skills that are necessary to attract more users, enter new markets, raise (additional) funding and/or adjust your business model. The trainings provided at the bootcamp are adjusted according to the bootcamp participants' needs, their state of development and the type of their business (incl. open-source and not-for-profit).

You are fit to join the scale-up bootcamp if:

  1. you have received funding from the NGI initiative (or from another EU support mechanism for startups and SMEs)
  2. you have established a product, service or project that is equal or above TRL 5 (your technology has been validated in a relevant environment)
  3. you want to grow and scale your innovation

If you do not fit these criteria, see our Build-up Bootcamp which is meant for innovators working on an idea level.

Day 1
Value creation

Right after getting to know each other, you will present your project in groups. Our team will then provide you with the tools to define your Unique Selling Point and to empower your business management and transversal skills.

Day 2
Value capture

On the second day things get serious. Business model Canvas, advanced Intellectual Property trainings, international public tenders, pitch practicing and insights for presenting your project to venture capitals. Not enough? Indeed there is still day 3!

Day 3
Value delivery

It is now time to receive investment training and put into practice all the skills we've thaught you via a final pitching exercise!
You will be ready to enter any market, will the market be ready for you?

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