Webinars 17 June 2020

Webinar#4: An Introduction to Intellectual Property for NGI Community

When: 17 June 2020 | 10:00-11:00 CEST

Where: Online

We all know; Intellectual Property (IP) may not be the easiest topic to understand when dealing with product development. However, IP is everywhere! And especially important in today’s technological environment!

As TETRA project, we are here to guide you in your IP-related issues and make you get a head start on managing your IP assets in your NGI projects. Then, this webinar has been designed for you, if you are the real beginners on IP, and want or need to learn:

• what IP is all about,
• the main titles for IP protection (patents, trade marks, designs and copyright),
• the general IP protection rules for such titles,
• the titles of relevance to NGI projects,
• basics of IP management,
• some real-life examples and hints on start managing your IP.

This is the first session of TETRA’s IP webinar series and therefore aiming at providing a general overview on IP protection. For further advanced topics, follow our webinar schedule and upcoming sessions!

Looking forward to meeting you and talking about IP a bit!


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Cyrille Dubois is the Manager-International Cooperation at the Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg (IPIL). He is currently in charge of IP activities for EU projects, and relationships with major European IP stakeholders. He presents an extensive experience in the management of EU projects in the field of IP, technology transfer and information management.
Cyril also developed competitive & technological intelligence projects for private companies, as well as many information research activities for research projects, companies and private advisors during the last 25 years. At NGI TETRA project, he is in charge of delivering IP-related services to the NGI beneficiaries.



Onur Emul is the Deputy Manager-International Cooperation at the Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg (IPIL) with more than 15 years of experience in IP-advisory field along with his Chemical Engineering background. After working as a Patent and Trademark Attorney for several years, he got involved with a number of European projects dealing with IP issues in technology transfer and innovation management processes as well as in project development and communication activities.
Onur is a registered IP Court Expert in Criminal and Civil Law cases, and he is continuing to be in charge of different international projects and stakeholder management activities. At NGI TETRA project, he is in charge of delivering IP-related services to the NGI beneficiaries.

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