Webinar#44: Visual thinking webinar

When: 24 May 2022 at 14:00 CEST
Where: Online

The webinar focuses on the visual thinking experiential learning with a gamified approach methodology.
Visual thinking is not exclusive to graphic designers, painters, musicians, but is much more broad. It includes resourcefulness, problem solving, seeing an old problem from a new angle.
The only people who are not visual thinkers are those who lack curiosity.

The webinar focuses on identifying and working on a concept extracted from a product or service using modalities that are usually not explored, even if it is uncomfortable to describe it.
This is the best way to stretch the brain and give birth to new ideas, free of preconceived notions, that will be useful in business or elsewhere in life. Thinking visually and spatially helps tackle complex problems by seeing how interdependent pieces fit together.

This approach, when applied to innovative start-ups setting, can drastically improve creative thinking skills and help facilitate discussions around the interconnectedness
of ideas and innovation. These tool is also very effective in breaking down creative or idea blocks in teams and helping discover alternatives thinking patterns and carve out
new ideas.

louis.jpgLouis Ferrini is the managing director of FVA new media research, an Italian SME operating since 1990 in the field of new media communication and advanced ICT.
He is involved since 2000 in projects funded by the European Commission as project manager, expert in human centric internet and game based solutions. His main area of interest is the design of enhanced ICT solutions, serious and simulation games to support co-creation and mutual learning activities and to train participants on transversal competences and skills in the ICT, learning, societal challenges, health, security and circular economy domains.

susanna.jpgSusanna Albertini is partner and senior communication expert of FVA new media research from 1995, she has integrated her specialization in Psychology of work and business organization with multimedia and new technology communication.
Since 2000 she is involved as project manager and researcher in projects funded by the European Commission as expert in game-based training, co-creation and creativity enabling factors, communication, impact and valorisation of research results.
Her main area of interest is sustainable circular bioeconomy, societal challenges with special focus on sustainable and inclusive growth.

Presentation: Visual Thinking
Assignment: “the canvas game”
Discussion: Artworks discovery and pitch

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