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TETRA bootcamp is a 3-day event full of trainings, workshops, and presentations with clear instructions on how to utilise the learnings. One day builds into the next and by the end of the event, you will have a better understanding of what is necessary to be done to bring your business or research idea to the market.

TETRA bootcamps provide NGI participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to accelerate their idea or business. Participants are supported by dedicated coaches that help to tailor the program according to their current needs – whether building on open-source principles or following a traditional business model.


TETRA provides two types of bootcamps:

  1. TETRA Build-Up Bootcamp
    Dedicated to NGI projects with a low technological maturity level (TRL that need support in building their idea into a business. No previous contact in business development is expected.

    At the build-up bootcamp, that needparticipants will receive introductive trainings on business modelling, intellectual, property rights and fundraising as well as a chance to practice presenting your business idea to different audiences, boost your team management skills and get access to other likeminded people.

  2. TETRA Scale-Up Bootcamp
    Dedicated to NGI projects with a medium/high technological maturity level (TRL >5) and/or projects with an established product/service that have the ambition to grow or scale their business. Previous experience in business development is expected, but not required for participation.

    At the scale-up bootcamp, participants will be trained on advanced intellectual property topics, researching and entering (new) markets, filling gaps in transversal competences, specifying business and investment needs. Further fundraising options are introduced, including how to approach investors and access international public tenders.

    What happens before the bootcamp?

    The selected NGI participants will receive pre-trainings during complementary 1-hour webinars on pitching competitions (evaluation process, how to identify relevant competitions, how to liaise with organisers, etc.) and basics of business development.

    The preparatory sessions and materials will be suggested based on the participants background and business idea

    What happens during the bootcamp?

    During the 3-day online bootcamps, NGI participants will receive training sessions on the following topics and dedicated coaches that will support the learning process by helping to utilise the learnings according to the maturity of the participants’ project.

    List of potential topics to be addressed during bootcamp sessions:


Build-up Bootcamp

IPR Advisory

  • Fundamentals of IP
  • Coaching during the day in case there are specific questions

Transversal competence and soft skills

Experimental gamified learning experiences to develop:

  • Individual transversal competences and skills
  • Team transversal competences and skills
  • Methodologies to develop new solutions using design thinking techniques

New markets, sales and business models

  • Business modelling: Basics of the value proposition and business model canvas
  • Design and operation on market uptake strategies and tactics

Investment readiness

  • Why should you consider raising investments and what are the best options for a beginning business?
  • How to introduce (sell) your idea to different audiences?

Access to equity funding

  • Introduction to company financing
  • Equity as an integral part of financial portfolio

Scale-up Bootcamp

IPR Advisory

  • IP licensing specificities
  • IP management in open-source environment
  • Coaching during the day in case there are specific questions

Transversal competence and soft skills

Experimental gamified learning experiences to address:

  • Team management: analysis of strengths and weaknesses in the team
  • Methodologies to cvomplete a successful team
  • Unique selling points: Identify, map and communicate them
  • Key points to deliver a memorable online pitch

New markets, sales and business models

  • Business model canvas deep dive: key partners and value chains, customer segmentation, structuring costs and revenues
  • Overall company and commercialisation strategy

Investment readiness

  • (Startup) finances (making your books attractive for investors)
  • Raising your first investment vs raising a follow-up investment

Access to equity funding

  • Deep dive into the company financing with an investor
  • Basics of legal and accounting issues, incl. lifecycle of investment

Access to (international) public contracts

  • How to find the right tender and consortium partner
  • How to prepare a winning proposal & (secret) strategies

What happens after the bootcamp?

All participants will receive:
  1. Invitations to additional web seminars dedicated to post-bootcamp business development (on IPR, fundraising, team management, etc.).
  2. Master plan strategy with recommendations for additional steps to be taken after the bootcamp.
  3. Matchmaking with relevant support organisations in their region, including digital innovation hubs (DIHs) and incubators.
  4. Access to a network of experts and likeminded people across Europe.

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