TETRA is a business accelerator for NGI beneficiaries. If you received funding from an NGI Project through an NGI Open Call, we will support your business with individual mentoring to help your idea achieve success on the market!

01 Individual Mentoring


TETRA will provide personalised mentoring and coaching through a pool of experts with deep experience in innovation, business development and commercialisation from a variety of ICT-areas (future internet, cloud, content, components and systems, robotics, data privacy, blockchain, machine learning, etc.) and areas benefiting from ICT (health, environment, space, transport, security etc.).


Each team is going to benefit from 20 hours of different types of mentoring and coaching (online and face-to-face during TETRA bootcamps). These types of mentoring are:

  1. Mentoring from Senior Entrepreneurs: TETRA can rely on a network of 150,000 entrepreneurs from all sectors and all ages. A large network is indeed necessary in order to find the right mentors who can help young entrepreneurs.
  2. Reverse mentoring with Corporate Managers: the progress of a deal or of a project delivery may have obstacles of different nature. Our experience in matchmaking scaleups with corporates made us experts in identifying the right decision makers to be brought to the table.
  3. Ecosystem mentoring: a lot of stakeholders “gravitate” around start-ups. The role of our TETRA members, partners, and enablers is to guide the entrepreneurs to the right stakeholders whether it is a start-up studio, an incubator, an investor network, a technology community, a sectorial start-up community, etc.
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