TETRA is a business accelerator for NGI beneficiaries. If you received funding from an NGI Project through an NGI Open Call, we will support your business and train you to help your idea achieve success on the market!

04 Investment readiness


These trainings will provide an overview on how to attract various forms of funding from the private market.

The activities aim to build up the right mix of materials (documents & videos) and online and face-to-face sessions that will be tailored based on the beneficiary’s needs and market development stage. The specific topics will include:

  • Options available on the private market according to the teams’ development stages
  • How to attract a private investor to invest in your start-up?
  • Expectations of private investors (business angels, VCs)
  • Benefits of involving private capital
  • How to present an early stage company to investors



The fundraising training activities will be implemented through:

  1. Investment readiness sessions within TETRA bootcamps
  2. 4 webinars (all of which will be recorded and published) comprising:
    a. European investors presenting their way of working followed by Q&A;
    b. Experienced entrepreneurs share their experiences (success and failures), followed by Q&A
  3. Online investor pitches: users will have the opportunity to pitch towards a group of experts and get valuable feedback
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