Webinar#43: Mission impossible: Finding work-life balance in small companies

When: 17 May 2022 at 14:00 CEST

Where: Online

How to cope with stress and find a balance in work and personal life in small companies?
This webinar will take you to the process of critical reflection with case studies, participants engagment, experiential learning activities and team discussion on the work-life-balance topics.

Experience sharing: “How I survived a burnout” / Tomi Kaukinen
During his talk Tomi will share the story of how a mismanaged life balance as a startup founder can lead to a severe burnout, but also talk about how to communicate with stakeholders such as investors, and how to create smarter routines and work habits in order to avoid burnout.

Workshop: “Stress management” / Ilias Michail Rafail
This session will have the form of an experiential learning e - workshop thus enabling the participants / subjects to capitalize on their own experience in Stress Management, while learning new techniques, to proceed through the process of Critical Reflection (as central concept of Adult Education) in the creation of Metacognition (new knowledge)

Tomi Kaukinenis a serial entrepreneur and speaker who experienced a devastating life changing burnout as a CEO and Founder. Currently he runs Licence to Fail (https://licenceto.fail), Finland's number 1 resource for start-up tips and tricks, extensive public funding help and stories from the world of entrepreneurship.
He also speaks publicly in schools, universities, entrepreneurship societies and larger companies. In 2018 he was speaking on Slush Evergreen stage about how to Manage Entrepreneurial pressure and this year 2021 he will focus on speaking about burnout, courage to walk your own way and how to find meaningful work. He also hosts business events and helps startups in business development and finance.
In 2020 he was awarded a Top 3 finalist spot in Evento Speaker of the year-award in the "Storyteller" category.



Ilias Michail Rafail is a Counselor / Psychologist (EKPA, BA in Psychology) and Adult Educator (HOU, M.Ed in Adult Education).
In December 2021 he started his Doctoral Thesis at Panteion University - Psychology.
He works - among others as a Scientific Responsible / Director of Education at IASIS NGO, as a Training Director at KEK IEKEP and as a Project Manager in National and European Training and Consulting Programs.
He belongs to the group of Experts of the European Union for Education and Vocational Training (DG Education & Training, EC) and is a recognized trainer of trainers by the National Authority of European programs "SALTO" of various countries.
He specialized in Systemic-Group Therapy at the Athens Center for Human Studies (AKMA).
Since 2007 he has been organizing Systemic Psycho-Education Groups with a focus on Relationships, the human process through which the individual socializes and makes relationships.
The nature of his education is always in line with the Principles of Adult Education and is always experiential.

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